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Software Our software, Firka is a linetest tool for cartoon animators. The linetest or pencil test is a working phase of the traditional animation, when the pencil-drawn pictures are photographed by a camera, then these pictures are played according to a projection plan, called exposure sheet. This exposure sheet contains more than one levels. The linetest is an important control phase, because the corrections are really expensive in the following steps of the working process (painting, post-production) both in money and in time. The animator also uses the linetest as an animation tool.

In the beginning, the linetest process was very similar to the final film shooting: they used film cameras with black-and-white negative film. In the next step some special machines appeared, like video recorders capable of capturing frame by frame. Finally, these days in the studios there are personal computers with video cameras for this purpose. The Amiga machines became popular first, because of their good video capabilities. In recent years, IBM compatible PC computers were preferred.

This Firka is a system-independent software. This means it is not limited to one hardware or operating system. It is specially made for animation professionals, to create linetest easy and fast. We test the software in our productions under real conditions. The author studied at an art school and he worked also as animator, line-test operator and compositor.

The working of the software seems similar to the painting and rendering softwares, but the goal is very different: the line-tester must work as fast and comfortable as possible, but the painting system creates the best possible picture quality with very wide visual effect capabilities. Fortunately, today's computers are fast enough to finally combine these two requirements. Firka has some functions usually you can find only in painting systems, like camera movements, geometrical distortion, usage of masks and other effects, for example cross-fade and blur. Firka on Linux

Here are some main features of the Firka software:

  • Real-time playback, pre-rendering is also possible,
  • Any picture resolution and field format,
  • Any playback speed,
  • Video effects and sound,
  • Integrated picture digitizing for cameras and scanners,
  • Integrated painting and drawing tools,
  • Database structure of movies and scenes,
  • Unlimited number of levels in the exposure sheet,
  • Playlist of scenes,
  • Camera movements,
  • Dialog breakdown,
  • Works on Windows, Apple OSX, Linux and Amiga,
  • One scene is one file, easy to send,
  • Network capabilities.

How to buy?

For professional purposes, you have to purchase a User Identification Code (UIC) from Firkafilm studio. After you entered the UIC into the program's “About” window, you can use all features and you can save and transfer the animation to other machines. The purchased UIC will be valid for all past and future versions of the software, for all supported operating systems. You can download the new versions of the software from us for free of charge.

An UIC can be installed on one software instance only. If you want to run Firka over a network, you must purchase and install as many UIC codes as many softwares you want to run simultanously. To use the UIC on a specific computer, you also have to register the computer. To achieve this, save the registration request file from the program and send it to the e-mail address below. This is required for the purchased licenses only, not for the free version.

We recommend you to try the restricted free version first. You can get it from the download page.

Professional UIC license

The full version, including camera movements and mass file operations. This version can work together with other UIC codes on a shared scene database through a network.

Price of one Professional UIC: 550,- € (Euros).

Personal UIC license

Nearly all capturing and drawing functions are available, but some advanced capturing functions are disabled. Camera movements and sounds can not be edited. This version is able to work only as a single-user system.

Price of one Personal UIC: 100,- € (Euros).

To order one or more UIC licenses, please send an order by e-mail with the following informations:

  • Number of UIC codes you buy,
  • Purchaser's official name and mail address.

Our e-mail address to contact:

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Answering to your request, we send back a formal invoice by e-mail. It contains our bank account parameters where you can transfer the payment. You don't have to give us your bank account or credit card data. After we received the amount to our bank account (usually within a few days), we send the UIC license by e-mail and also by mail, together with the original invoice.

Comparison of different license versions

Free demoPersonalProfessional
PriceFree100,- €550,- €
UIC requiredNoYesYes
Multi user (multiple UIC)NoNoYes
Database of scenesYesYesYes
Exposure sheetYesYesYes
SoundsYes (1)Yes (1)Yes
Camera movementsYes (1)Yes (1)Yes
PegbarsYes (2)Yes (2)Yes
Playlist of scenesYesYesYes
Load scene from external fileYesYesYes
Save scene to external fileNoYesYes
Transfer scene to another FirkaNoYesYes
Render to image sequenceYes (3)YesYes
High quality renderNoYesYes
Load from fileYesYesYes
Save to fileNoYesYes
Picture captureYesYesYes
Peghole recognitionNoNoYes
Chroma keyingNoYesYes
Stereoscopic captureNoNoYes
Multiple exposureNoNoYes
Onion skin overlaysYesYesYes
Displaced overlaysNoYesYes
Picture editorYesYesYes
Flood fill paintingYesYesYes
Fill patching and underflowNoYesYes
Fill with textureNoYesYes
Freehand drawingYesYesYes
Outline shapesYesYesYes
Pen stylesNoYesYes
Lines and gradientsNoYesYes
Virtual pensNoYesYes
Sound editorYes (4)NoYes
Dialog breakdownNoNoYes
Camera path editorYes (4)NoYes
X-sheet camera viewNoNoYes
Pegbar positioningNoNoYes

1 No editing of sounds and camera paths, but these data types can be loaded from file.
2 Pegbars cannot be selected and edited, but the loaded files may contain pegbars.
3 With simplified export options.
4 Only for demonstration, editing of actual data is disabled.