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Firkafilm Studio

Firkafilm Kft (Ltd) is a Hungarian cartoon studio, it was established in 1995, by Ildikó TÁBORITA and László FAZEKAS. The main profile of the studio is the traditional cartoon animation, from character design, storyboard or layout, up to digital painting and compositing. Presently our team of professionals can produce 12-20 minutes of animation per month, depending on the complexity of the film concerned.

Contact person:

managing director
phone: +36-20-474-3588

Company name: Firkafilm Animációs és Szolgáltató Kft. (Ltd.)
Company registration number: 03-09-105495
Mail address: 6044 Kecskemét Kikelet u. 39. HUNGARY

Studio phone: +36-76-472-970

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In the last few years, we were working on the following productions, among others:

White Plastic Sky White Plastic Sky

Feature film 2019-2022

Salto Film

Daisy and Dot (Detti és Drót) Daisy and Dot

TV series: 7 mins 2009, 3 x 5 mins 2018-2019


Off season Off season

Short film 2017


Ujj a ravaszon Finger on the trigger

Short film 2015


Paw (Mancs) Paw

Feature film 2014

Új Budapest Filmstúdió

Eduweb Eduweb

Educational web series 2013-2014


PaintUp PaintUp!

Projection mapping competition 2010, 2011


Yippi Yippi

TV commercial 2011


Provident Provident

TV commercial series 2009-2012


Kistejes Kistejes

TV commercial 2008


Univer Univer

TV commercials 2008


The Clap Dudes (A tripper fiúk) The Clap Dudes

TV special: 1 x 22 mins 2008


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Professor Brief (Tömör professzor) Professor Brief

TV series: 29 x 1 mins 2007, 2008

Raiffeisen / RTL Club

Unicum: sponsor spot Unicum

TV commercials 2006-2007


Pig Tales: Time Machine Pig Tales

TV series: 20 mins 2007

Feature Films for Families

Our footsteps in the leaves Our footsteps in the leaves

TV special: 1 x 9 mins 2006

NFTS London

Missy Milly: Trauminsel Missy Milly

TV series: 13 x 5 mins 2005

NFP Animation / Zapf

Dog's life Dog's life

TV special: 1 x 10 mins 2004

RF Fly Films

Bossom Pals Bossom Pals

TV specials: 2 x 23 mins 2003

Tiger Aspect

Angelina: The Show must go on Angelina Ballerina

TV series: 39 x 11 mins 2001-2003
TV special: 1 x 48 mins 2002

HIT Entertainment

Mr. Bean: The Visitor Mr. Bean

TV series: 52 x 11 mins 2002-2003

Tiger Aspect

Lena and Paul: Unlucky Lena and Paul

TV series: 13 x 5 mins 2002

Rothkirch Cartoon-Film

Piroska: The won journey Little Red Riding Hood's World

TV series: 6 x 5 mins 2001, 2002


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Sicc in Fairyland Sicc in Fairyland

TV special: 1 x 20 mins 2002


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Sheeep Sheeep

TV series: 26 x 11 mins 2000

HIT Entertainment

Les contes du cimetiere Tales from Saint-Patrick

TV series: 13 x 13 mins 1999

Les Films de l'Arlequin

Percy the Park Keeper Percy the Park Keeper

TV specials: 4 x 24 mins 1997
TV series: 13 x 7.5 mins 1998

HIT Entertainment

Kipper: Sleepless night Kipper

TV series: 78 x 7.5 mins 1997-1999

HIT Entertainment

The Willows in Winter The Wind in the Willows
The Willows in Winter

Feature films: 2 x 72 mins 1995, 1996

HIT Entertainment