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Firka V5.0

You can download Firka software here. It is available for Windows (XP+), Apple (OSX 10.5+, universal binary), Linux (x86, x86-64) and Amiga (m68k). Downloading is free of charge, but without a purchased User Identification Code (UIC) license, the software works only as a demo with restricted functionality. You can use this free version even for commercial purposes. To use all functions of the software, you must purchase a UIC license from the Firkafilm Studio, see details. Before downloading, please read License first. YOU MUST ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE IF YOU ARE USING THE SOFTWARE.

Notice for website owners: please do not copy the Firka files onto your website, make a link to THIS page instead.

Firka 5.0.7 (18 September 2017)
Download Windows 32-bit
MD5: 6ba043bcdcf70a44aa76d59832996d99

Win32, Windows XP+
Download Windows 64-bit
MD5: c5461e4d30efdbd88d54176b70dd2d82

Download Apple OSX
MD5: 615c25e8aaf577845be54098feaaca8e

x86 and PowerPC, (32-bit) OSX10.5+
Download Linux 32-bit
MD5: fda92d227bc7709afd4384768970e455

Download Linux 64-bit
MD5: 2d23e9e12ec22a0214a6695bf8491230

Download Amiga
MD5: 47b1ae095d0bbbdd5da3a97484fa8c46


Additional files are downloadable here:

HTML manuals
English+Hungarianmanuals.zip5.03497653 bytes
French*manuel.html1.067846 bytes

Example scenes
After unzipping, you can load these scenes to the program at the Scenes... window with the Load file button.
scenemachine.zip118657 bytesMotion paths
scenefall.zip218608 bytesVisual effects

Language support files for old versions (before 3.0, all platforms)
Copy these files to the program's "var/languages" directory, then open the "var/gcnf" configuration file with a text editor, and enter "language magyar" or "language french" into a separate row, to activate the desired language. Use these files for old versions (before 3.0) only.
Englishenglhelp.lng2.219422 bytesBubble help
Hungarianhungbase.lng2.229301 bytesEssential
Hungarianhunghelp.lng2.220396 bytesBubble help
French*franbase.lng2.122722 bytesEssential

* Many thanks to Hoël Caouissin and to Kiss Ágnes for the French translations