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Firka V21APR

You can download Firka software here, which is available for Windows (XP+), Apple (OSX 10.5+) and Linux (x86, x86-64). Downloading is free of charge, but without a purchased User Identification Code (UIC) license, the software works only with restricted functionality. You can use the free version even for business film making. To use all functions of the software, you must purchase a UIC license from the Firkafilm Studio, see details. Before downloading, please read License first. YOU MUST ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE IF YOU ARE USING THE SOFTWARE.

About version numbering: the version of the software contains the last two digits of the year, followed by a three letter abbreviation of the month of release, i.e. “JAN” for January, “FEB” for February, and so on.

Now Firka has experimental language support for Dutch, French*, German, Japanese and (American) Spanish languages. These are mostly machine translated then manually corrected versions, and are subjects of review and improvement. Hereby we also apologize for any translation mistakes. If you would like to help with making language translations, please contact us.

Our e-mail address to contact:

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For Apple users: to run the 64-bit OSX version on MacOS (newer versions of OSX), you need to install XQuartz by yourself, since newer versions of the system will no longer install it automatically.

Notice for website owners: please do not copy the Firka files onto your website, make a link to THIS page instead.

Firka 21APR (05 April 2021)
Download Windows 32-bit (x86, XP+)
MD5: 01cfe0a1a492deb8c02e5ee649a2dff4
Download Windows 64-bit (x86-64)
MD5: e6f66043622a045cb6f60442efc34a9b
Download OSX 32-bit (PPC or x86)
MD5: 4f6b01e09b74a80a9146bd62ede6a929
Download OSX 64-bit (x86-64, XQuartz)
MD5: 338ba16933a5a5f9ae4c5c72214c4083
Download Linux 32-bit (x86)
MD5: a8e82da170b8ff1a12d9144161bc74cd
Download Linux 64-bit (x86-64)
MD5: 968b7f270db3f9f0cdbbe989258e612a

Downloadable manuals:
HTML manuals
English+Hungarianmanuals.zip21APR3917507 bytes
French*manuel.html1.067846 bytes
* Many thanks to Hoël Caouissin and to Kiss Ágnes for the French translations